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Through time iconic phrases/sayings along with countless others have been coined by the most brilliant of minds. Various proverbs have been instrubookmental in the successful handling of some of life’s most challenging moments. Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche and King Solomon, are just a few of the renowned men whose words not only surpassed their lifespans, but their words remain relevant to this time. In “Jump Start your Day,” Author, Darius J. Nixon, has composed an inspiring devotional, designed to motivate your personal/spiritual development. Every page is filled with impactful and original proverbs that are sure to electrify the start of each new day.

Thinker, orator, revelator, prophet and visionary are just a few words to describe the dynamo that is Darius Jamel Nixon. Darius J. Nixon is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Inner City Prophetic Ministries in the heart of JaIMG_3973ptwmaica-Queens, NY. His unique and charismatic style of delivery has cultivated and captured the hearts of the believer for more than 20 years. The prophetic word that pours from this vessel is not only revelatory but also relevant; speaking into the lives of various audiences across this great nation.

Day 15: Book Excerpt


   “Your gift has been designed to take you to great places, however it is through the development of your character that you will be able to remain in those very places.Work diligently at becoming a better you so that
you don’t blow your moment.”

         Excerpt from Chapter 1  

Jump Start Your Day: Day 15

Quote by Darius J. Nixon

"Time is a treasure that carries with it a penalty called expiration. Place specific demands on every moment and you will soon extract the wealth that time renders.” ~Darius J. Nixon”

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