Pastor Nixon




Prophet Darius J. Nixon thinker, orator, revelator, prophet and visionary are just a few words to describe the dynamo that is Darius Jamel Nixon. Pastor-Prophet Darius J. Nixon is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Inner City Prophetic Ministries in the heart of Jamaica-Queens, NY. Called from the tender age of 13, he preached his first sermon, “I’m living to live again” and has been delivering the unadulterated word of God to audiences young and old alike ever since. In 1999 he was consecrated to the pastorate by his spiritual mother Dr. Rita L. Speller, the late Bishop Moses Taylor, Apostle Manuel Bellamy and Bishop Mitchell Taylor to name a few.

His unique and charismatic style of delivery has cultivated and captured the hearts of the believer for more than 20 years. The prophetic word that pours from this vessel is not only revelatory but also relevant; speaking into the lives of various audiences across this great nation.

Prophet Nixon has been endowed with a shepherd’s heart and is a visionary par excellent. ICPM was birthed in 2002, with an attendance of only eight people at its initial service. As ICPM continues to push forward, pass a decadal milestone, the radiance of progression resonates from the fruits of the Prophet’s labor. This visionary has the uncanny ability to motivate others and has inspired change and growth in the lives of his parishioners

Each week he delivers a ground breaking, life altering word stimulated by extensive study and prayer. The spirit of the Lord rests so heavily on the house that Prophet Nixon has built, that anyone sitting under his teaching experiences a transformation that is unrivaled. God has constrained this oracle to harvest souls while empowering his spiritual children to expand beyond their limitations.

Prophet Nixon believes in vision and pushes those who connect to his work to carve vision for themselves. Being an example of what he teaches he writes the vision and makes plain what he is going to accomplish and those who study under him watch him realize those goals with tenacity and unshakeable faith. In October 2009 Prophet Nixon moved his congregation from a building that sat 90 people to one that is half a New York City block long with enormous potential.  This was done through vision speaking, faith and the promises of God.

As Prophet Nixon embarks on a new stage in life and seeks to broaden his horizons, Inner City Prophetic Ministries and the Inner City Covenant Churches will grow alongside him. While believing wholly in balance, Prophet Nixon remains faithful to the pulpit while maintaining his responsibilities to his family. Without a doubt; eyes have not seen, nor ears heard; what God has in store for the ministry of Pastor-Prophet Darius J. Nixon.


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